It’s a Disaster Dahling……….

Have you ever struggled or run out of time to find the perfect present for a family member or friend, only to grab the nearest thing that you think he or she will like?  Yes?  The result was probably predictable, the recipient was noticeably underwhelmed by your... read more

Can Cats See in the Dark?

Not in total darkness, but they can see better in semi-darkness than we or many other animals can.  Cat vision is vastly different to ours, as feline eyesight developed to help these animals – who are considered more nocturnal than us – to hunt at night. If you... read more

It’s the cats’ whiskers darlings……………

It’s the cats’ whiskers darlings…………… So, why do cats have whiskers you may well ask? So fascinating, they are actually very advanced sensory tools that help a cat ‘see’ in the dark and steer clear of hungry predators. Whiskers are highly sensitive tactile hairs that... read more


It’s not easy buying the perfect gift for the woman who has everything.  Where to look, what to choose, will it be to her liking, or will it miss the mark? Well, we are here to give you the perfect solution to your gift dilemma.  If your gift is for a dog or cat... read more


I know it’s a strange question, but my colleague (on the dog side) Bertie has asked me to tell you about HIS fabulous PUP IDOL COMPETITION.  I love the name don’t you? If you have a puppy who you love to bits, he or she could win you £50 to spend with Coldnose.  You... read more

Cat lovers unite!

Love cats? We love them too! And, my darlings, if you love cats as much as we do, then you’ll adore the FABULOUS range of gifts I have personally chosen for you. You will be spoiled for choice as we have one of the widest ranges of specialist giftware for cat lovers, but I bet you won’t know whether to keep or give. I highly recommend that you do both!

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What do you buy for your cat loving friends?

If your feline-loving friends are anything like mine, they’ve got everything!  That’s why I have selected an unusual and wonderful range of gifts that will delight anyone who has an interest in cats.  Never again will you be stuck for something to buy, never again... read more

How old is your Chihuahua?

Well historians believe that either the Maya tribe (1800BC to 900AD) or the Toltecs (900AD to 1150AD) were the first to domesticate a dog known as the Techichi, which is widely recognised to be the ancestor of the Chihuahua.  The Techichi is a small-framed companion... read more

What’s in a Pug?

So much more than you think.  Although owners of this delightful breed will already know just how much is squeezed into this short, cobby-bodied dog!  ‘Multum in Parvo’ is a term frequently used in connection with the Pug.  It means literally ‘much in little’ and how... read more

Everything you wanted to know about Dachshunds.

The distinctive Dachshund can be seen strutting its stuff in almost every country in the world, but what is the origin of this delightful breed?  The total devotees and aficionados of the breed refer to them to as the ‘Doxie’,  and many just shorten the name to... read more

Love pedigree dogs?

We love them too! Well, you only have to look at me dear reader to see that I am an extremely well-bred French Bulldog. But, where do you buy on-trend, on-breed gifts for lovers of pedigree dogs?

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The Insider’s Guide to pug personality traits

If there was one dog breed you can count on to be a comedian, it’s a Pug. Pugs are renowned for being the nation’s favourite funny dog, when it comes to silly antics and entertaining guests. This has been amplified even more by the craze of dressing them up in funny... read more

Every dog has its day!

Well here at my wonderful gift shop it’s a dog day every day. If you are made about dogs, nuts about mutts or know people who are, then this great gift site is for you. We have gifts galore for the home, really unusual and quirky items, all beautifully made (in the UK... read more