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You know the feeling all too well.  You’d love to buy a really inspirational present for a cat-loving friend, but there are two huge barriers to overcome!

Firstly, where do you find absolutely top-cat products all in one place?  You could be searching shops and websites for days – even weeks – and not find inspiration anywhere.

Secondly, what you do find is usually pretty naff.  So many products featuring cats just don’t look right.  Some are downright creepy!  And, you don’t want to freak out your friend, do you?

Well, help is at hand through the fantastic team at Coldnose, who have sourced and selected top-cat products for cat lovers to give and keep.  The Coldnose team knows its cats too, so only high quality items that are truly representative of the feline species gets the paw of approval and makes it to the winning post and onto the fabulous Coldnose website.

See all the wonderful gifts for cat lovers yourself at and you’ll see why it’s fast becoming the numberLucky and Daisy salt and pepper one shopping site for all things cat (and dog).  There’s really fab and funky wall art featuring cats in funny poses and beautiful sculptures of our feline friends.  Check out the soft furnishings page for cat cushions, and you will truly be spoiled for choice with the range of homewares – look out for the wonderful Quail range of salt and pepper shakers and egg cups, they will brighten any breakfast table.  When it comes to bags and accessories, you are in for a big treat as we have just added the truly F A B U L O U S Meow range from the quirky Disaster Designs company that is just purrfect for cat lovers everywhere.  The weekend bag is a must-have – it is just so unusual and right on trend (if you are a cat-lover that is), the cosmetic bag and washbag completes the picture.

Disaster Designs Meow Cosmetic Bag InsideThis range is bang on trend, beautifully designed and well-made and any of these fabulous items will be a joy to receive by a gift-loving friend.  Or, of course you may be tempted to buy and keep one for yourself.  To complete the Meow range, there’s a most beautiful mug with a blingy ‘gold’ handle – a must for anyone who wants to show off in the coffee stakes.

Visit us and you’ll never be short of a gift for a cat-loving friend ever again.  We will bring new items into our CATalogue (see what we did there?) to please and delight and if you are stuck for an idea, just drop the team an email and they’ll be happy to recommend just the right gift.  And, if it’s for a special present, we’ll even gift wrap for you free of charge.  Just ask!

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