Are you still searching for the perfect gift for a dog lover?

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Where do you find the perfect gift for a dog-loving friend?  And, importantly what do you choose for them?

We have to say that the choices aren’t great.  You can use up shoe leather trawling through the big department stores in the hope that something appropriate will jump out and shout “buy me”.  And, although most of the big stores do stock a few dog related gifts, they’re not easy to find – and certainly not in one place.  Gift shops are the same – lots of lovely gifts, but nothing really exciting for the dog lover, and certainly not much that is specific to a particular breed of dog.

On-line – the same situation arises.  There are many great on-line retailers selling a broad selection of giftware and there’s usually a few dog-related items in there, but most sell what all the others sell – dog beds, bowls, leads, collars and leads.  All designed for the dog, not you!

Now the choice is brilliant.  Coldnose is the absolute specialist on-line retailer selling ONLY beautiful gifts for dog and cat lovers.  Soft furnishings, quirky wall art, unusual homewares and more beautiful bags than you can shake a tail at.  And, with over 800 items to choose and not a bowl, collar, lead or dog bed in sight!  You will never be stuck for a unique gift idea for a dog- loving friend.  Or yourself!

This on-line retailer is fast becoming the biggest and best specialist internet retailer and adds new, exciting lines on a regular basis to give dog (and cat) lovers the widest choice of presents and giftware.  Labrador owners will just love the fabulous Hannah Williamson handmade range of pure wool cushions, throws and draught excluders.  Coldnose also is one of the few official retailers of the Crufts breed range which features some of our most popular breeds of dog in cushions, T-towels and aprons, and there is a range of cushions that feature pretty well every breed of dog.  There is a fantastic handbag and accessory range with exquisite handmade tapestry cross body bags, totes and cosmetic purses featuring the hugely popular cheeky Pug, the oh-so beautiful Chihuahua and lovable Westie.

Coldnose sells only giftware that has passed the team’s stringent ‘happy customer’ tests which means that all items are of a high quality, they are well priced and importantly all dog-breed specific items are excellent representations of that breed.  The retailer will not sell anything that doesn’t pass the team’s experienced dog breed appreciation and knowledge, as well as their eye for the quirky and unusual!

Buying a gift for a dog lover is now enjoyable and simple.  Visit

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