3 ways a pug can help you find the love of your life

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Pugs can be very  lovable characters in their own right and are often classed as one of the family. But if you’re looking to find a special someone to spend your life with, having even the most perfect of pooches can present a variety of challenges, sometimes even preventing you from finding that partner in the first place.

However, having a pug can also help you to find the love of your life. Here’s why:

Social media…. Plenty of Pugs

Online communities such as pug fan groups and forums can be one way that you can meet fellow pet lovers. You can share pictures of your pets and join in discussions about all things pet-related.

Find the love of your life

Dating sites such as petspartnersandpals.co.uk and the dating app Tindog also give people the opportunity to find like-minded people, get to know them better and even match. Websites such as meetup.com are also available for those who would rather meet people in their local area who have the same interests and hobbies

Join a dog walking group

We all know pugs don’t need a great deal of exercise, however joining a local pet walking group can be a great way to meet dog owners in the area. Keep an eye out on community noticeboards and in the local press. If you’re still struggling to find a group in your area, meetup.com also features a local dog walk section with hundreds of groups available, ready for you to join.

Volunteer at a dog shelter, charity or rescue centre

If you love caring for animals and want to find a special someone who shares your passion for pugs, then joining your local pet rescue centre might be the perfect way to meet new people. Volunteering in the local community can allow you to meet more people and get talking to the pet-loving public. It also allows you to do something for a good cause and maybe even help raise money for pugs… which is always a bonus.

Charities such as the RSPCA, The Blue Cross and Dogs Trust are always looking for volunteers.

Did you know that at when you buy one of our RSPCA range of products at the Coldnose website, some of the proceeds go to charity? Click here to find out more information.

So, there you have it, pugs really can help you find a pet-loving partner!

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