The Insider’s Guide to pug personality traits

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If there was one dog breed you can count on to be a comedian, it’s a Pug. Pugs are renowned for being the nation’s favourite funny dog, when it comes to silly antics and entertaining guests.

pug picThis has been amplified even more by the craze of dressing them up in funny outfits. If you don’t believe us, type ‘Pug’ into Google and find out.

Pugs love meeting new people and are amusingly charming to be around when they are in the mood for fun.

But with this crave for affection does come a sense of stubbornness – which can make training difficult for those who are inexperienced. Training a pug can be very rewarding, however don’t expect a Pug to guard or fetch, as they are notoriously lazy.

Put simply, if Pugs weren’t dogs, they’d be cats.

They can be the perfect companion and will be loving and affectionate. They will quite happily sit on your lap to watch a film with you and can be gentle with children of all ages.

But their stubbornness can mean that they tend to have an independent streak and can seem to be out for themselves. They like their home comforts and being a pampered pooch and if they are tired – they can get grumpy – so make sure there’s a fluffy bed for them to sleep on.

Here at Coldnose we think that Pugs are a fantastic example of man’s best friend. They make great pets that can truly become a member of the family. They may be small in size but they have big personalities, so if you’re looking for a dog to share a home with – we would recommend a Pug.